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Example of stripping of screws by Tribofinition

Posted by MOTOTRUST on

Today, a little report on the treatment by tribofinishing of some fasteners.

The principle is very simple:

After having cleaned, degreased and dried the parts to be treated, they are placed in the vibrating barrel with the abrasive which is fine.

In the case present, the barrel is the 12L model sold here (a small 3L model is nevertheless very good for the screws), the abrasive is 30/50 pickling corundum that we find at Kiloutou (14 € per 25 kg bag) and the parts are GSXR crown holder studs and brake bleeder screws.

With this type of abrasive which is used to strip and not to polish, no liquid is added (on the contrary because otherwise it makes lumps) and it is necessary to plan a fairly long processing time ong (several hours) to obtain the result visible on the last photos. The parts are completely exposed.

With a more appropriate abrasive, the result would have been faster because more efficient but the desired result was meant to be softer, a little satin.

The barrel, the process in action and the final result:

Small clarification: if the result is like here to completely strip the parts , there will no longer be any protective layer left on these said parts. In this case, if the zinc coating, bichromating or painting no longer exists, after a few hours, or even a few days, the corrosion will begin to take effect! For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to protect the stripped parts.

The following photos show a stud and its bolt stripped but not treated and the red arrows clearly indicate small orange surfaces which are the beginning of the appearance of corrosion. Beside, the other stud and its bolt have been treated with a classic zinc plating and they are perfectly resistant to the humidity of the ambient air.

2 views of an unprotected part and of an identical part protected by zinc plating:

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If you are interested in this theme of the preparation and / or restoration of parts or screws, you can find more content on this brand new forum which is just waiting for your participation !! == & gt; HERE

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