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Technical control soon mandatory for motorcycles?!

Posted by MOTOTRUST on

Every year, it's the same story: we want to introduce a "Periodic Check - paying - for motorcycles"!
The reason given is always the same: "it's for our safety!" Well then...

For the moment, the public authorities are stagnating in the face of pressure and the mobilization of motorcyclists, but will that be enough?
Let's not forget that this control has already existed for a long time in Spain, Germany, Switzerland, England, Luxembourg,... That it will be imposed from 2022 or 2023 in Portugal, Belgium and other countries that are considering it.

Finally, and as usual, when a habit is taken, it is difficult to denounce it (ex: wearing a mask due to a pandemic...), so what is really about this periodic "routine" in a neighboring country like Spain?
The video answer:

Watch, judge and comment...

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