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Motor Oil in Cubi or Bag! Revolution or Fake??

Posted by MOTOTRUST on

Although still very rare, a new packaging format for motor oil cans is trying to make its appearance!
Even though some brands have already been making a return to the iron cans of the 60s & 70s for some time for high-end oils, some brands, still a minority, are trying to introduce a new "eco" format.

It was enough to launch a short video that presents this new type of packaging for products that we use very commonly...

If you want to know more, this oil is presented directly on the manufacturer's website "here" and you can find out how to use the cap as a spout. Element that goes completely unnoticed by examining the outside of the canister when you first discover it! Some competitors put the cork directly on the outside, as in milk cartons. This avoids asking the question and taking the plastic bag directly in the hands as is the case in the video.

Below is a photo of the outside of the container which completely "hides" this location and another of the inside which highlights this pre-cut opening

Your turn to judge :

In this regard, we offer a selection of engine oils available directly from our "here" page.

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  • Curieux cette pochette plastique! On dirait presque de l’urine dans une poche pour malade.
    Ce qui est pratique, c est que c’est très visuel.

    Ella M. on
  • C’est la première fois que je vois ca ! Je suis pas dûr que ce soit appelé à se répandre, ca n’a pas l’air franchement pratique.

    Philippe on

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