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Our Location

The main activity is divided between France and Spain.
We therefore have 2 different spaces, one in each of these geographical areas.
Exchanges and transactions between the 2 countries and the other intra-community countries are regular.
The deposit main (Spain) where the products are concentrated and where the services are provided is located:
  • at 1h45 from Perpignan (via the C25, motorway 100% free from the border)
  • 1h30 from the Franco-Spanish border (Le Perthus - La Jonquera) (via the C25)
  • 50 min from Barcelona.
You can come and meet us there but preferably by contacting us beforehand in order to ensure our presence at the agreed time.

Our address is:
Carrer Fontcuberta, 12
Provincia de BARCELONA < / strong>

"Plus Code": 275V + F4 Manlleu

The repository in France mainly allows us to process large parts (eg engines) or complete vehicles. You can of course come and collect the part that interests you, provided that it is available.

Our intra-community VAT number is: < strong> ESY5897342H
The VAT rate applied to products and services is 21%.
It corresponds to the VAT rate ( IVA) from Spain where our entity is legally domiciled.