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We remain open and attentive to any intelligent partnership or affiliation proposal that it is digital (sharing of links, banners, sponsorship on social networks, etc.), whether physical (exchange of products or services, highlighting of products, events, one-off operations, etc.) or friendly (participation in outings, events, ...).

Without wanting to mutually encroach on each other's respective domains, it could be interesting to offer bikers services related to:

  • maintenance
  • the supplies for the workshop
  • the cleaning / degreasing of the parts in the workshop
  • the stripping / sandblasting / airbrush
  • the paint
  • the remanufacturing of original parts
  • the manufacture of original stickers
  • the manufacture of specific parts
  • the manufacture of accessories for raids, trips, difficult conditions
  • the organization of outings, trips, raids
  • the organization of sporting events
  • accommodation and catering
  • training in mechanics
  • a job exchange
  • administrative procedures for approval
  • procedures legal disputes
  • insurance
  • etc ....
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