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!! HARLEY DAVIDSON LimeWire Del Mar!!

Posted by MOTOTRUST on

We know more about the latest electric motorcycle from Harley-Davidson! It's called the LiveWire Del Mar and it should normally be lighter and much cheaper than its big brother the LiveWire One.

After the LiveWire One, here comes the LiveWire Del Mar! With this motorcycle, Harley-Davidson wants to try to compete with medium displacement engines such as the Yamaha MT-07. The name of this model was not chosen at random, as it is a reference to the racetrack in Del Mar, California, where flat track races often take place.
If the aesthetic affiliation with the Harley style leans towards flat-track models, it is because it is a discipline in which the brand has distinguished itself since the 1910s. it takes vintage that should appeal to a younger clientele not necessarily attracted by dad's big Harley-Davidson.

Regarding the design of this two-wheeler: the motor, the battery, the electronics have all been developed in-house by LiveWire. But the big plus of the Del Mar is that thanks to the help of the Taiwanese company Kymco, LiveWire has developed a modular electric platform called “ARROW”. The latter should be available in 3 systems! Basically we have:

  • The S2: a "medium" motorcycle system in order to position itself on the market of medium displacements.
  • The S3: for "light" motorcycles with the collaboration of Kymco.
  • And finally the S4: this last system is intended for “heavy” motorcycles and it will increase the capacities of autonomy of the battery and recharging.
The three systems will have the particularity, rather practical, of being able to be updated remotely by the teams of the American firm without having to go to the dealership. This could settle, over time, the few anomalies that the bike could have.

The LiveWire Del Mar, a cheaper model!

Through the Arrow platform which allows the LiveWire Del Mar to be declined in different models (less powerful and lighter versions). The price of the vehicle should be revised downwards and will necessarily be cheaper than the LiveWire One, which, we recall, was marketed at its debut at a price of 33,900 euros!

Regarding the lithium-ion battery, for the moment, no information has been communicated. All that is known today is that the battery will consist of 21,700 cylindrical cells instead of the previous format of 18650 cells. It is a process identical to that of Tesla, Samsung or LG which promises more reliability. For more information, we will probably have to wait until May because Harley-Davidson announced that they were organizing a presentation to investors. Additionally, Jochen Zeitz, CEO of the Milwaukee company and LiveWire, announced that the next electric model is expected to be introduced in the second quarter of 2022.

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