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Durable restoration of flexible (rubber) intake manifolds

Do not take the risk of tightening your engine with a pipe in poor condition which will lead to impoverishment by additional air intake = TIGHTENING!

Cheaper than an unobtainable new pipe and as reliable as an Original Intake Pipe:

Our partner offers the RESTORATION to NEW of any CRACKED and/or PIERCED rubber pipe, for 2 and 4 Strokes.
He is the only one to proceed with the RECONDITIONING of your tired pipes and not with a remanufacturing.

The processes used come from aeronautical industrial techniques.
It operates a Treatment directly in the Mass ensuring proven stability over several years. It is not a simple addition of material but a complete restructuring of the material to restore its tightness, elasticity and longevity.

This treatment is applicable to all types of rubber pipes for all models and all brands.

You are interested! How to proceed?
1- You can contact our partner directly by phone or by email in order to validate certain points with him if you have specific questions, in particular the validation of the cost for your personal request.
2- You send your damaged pipe to our partner (+ possibly the return slip for your package sent).
3- In parallel with your shipment, you pay the amount corresponding to the service + the amount of the postage against shipment (if you have not attached any return slip).
4- Upon receipt of the package, the work is carried out in 24 hours and sent back immediately.
A technical advice sheet is provided with each restored element.

- The pipes sent must be cleaned of all types of dirt, in particular free of oils and silicones.
- Your shipment must be accompanied by your contact details to identify the owner of this shipment and return the part to you.
- The work carried out on the part can only be carried out after receipt of the package and payment of the service.

Price and Payment:
The cost of the service varies according to the model of pipe to be treated.
- 32 euros each for an "elbow" and "straight" pipe of 125 cm3
- 38 euros for a 250 cm3
- 45 euros for a cylinder capacity greater than 250 cm3
The cost is decreasing for batch processing of several simultaneous pipes.
In any case, it is preferable to consult our partner before any request for work.

Payment for the work is made by Paypal or in cash in an envelope.
Checks and transfers are no longer accepted.

Contact of our Partner:
Jose or
Mobile: 06 87 60 65 21

Below, an example of treatment on a CAGIVA 125 cm3 pipe.

Before (left photo) and After (right photo):

In addition, as a motorcycle enthusiast, especially Italian 2-strokes, José has thus enabled the safeguarding of many machines that have now become collectors' items.
He shares some of his wonders with us here.