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Shot peening of a YAMAHA 850 TDM carburettor ramp

Presentation of our dry bead blasting applied to the carburettors of an 850 TDM after dismantling and ultrasonic cleaning.

Here you can see some photos of the ramp which has just been disassembled, without undergoing any cleaning. All photos of this ramp are available here .
Feel free to click on the images to better see the details.

Now below, you can see part of the elements after a very long ultrasonic cleaning of 4 baths of 30 minutes each.
The ramp elements come out clean but very far from flawless.
A manual rubbing with a plastic brush has even been carried out but all the remaining stubborn traces are encrusted on the surfaces and would have to be scraped off with a metal brush, a very flexible copper rotating brush so as not to scratch too much or with abrasive paper (even steel wool but very very long) to restore its original shine to these surfaces.

Each of the following photos includes on the left the element not treated by bead blasting after these 4 baths and in the right part, appear the identical elements which, themselves, were entitled to bead blasting after the baths.

Finally, you can admire below the entire beadblasted ramp in its entirety and reassembled. The only criticism that could be made of microbeading being that, due to its great power of purifying surfaces, it also tends to erase the passivation (the color in yellow, bluish, silver, black...) of some of the screws and springs. In its defense and also, it should be considered that, often, these screws are already stained or oxidized and in any case, they require cleaning to eliminate these rodent surface agents (in the medium or long term)!
2 Photos before cleaning and bead blasting and 2 other photos after cleaning and bead blasting...

As a reminder, the conditions applicable to our remote microblasting service are described on the opposite page.