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Shot peening of a HONDA 800 VFR thermostat housing

Highlighting the undeniable superiority of dry microblasting for cleaning and perfect descaling of corroded parts.

Below are photos that show the advanced state of corrosion on a thermostat housing which is an element very often neglected in the context of a restoration.
Indeed, even if the coolant contains anti-corrosion agents, in fact, a coolant that is not replaced regularly ends up aging very badly and ends up attacking the entire cooling system, including the hoses. whose rubber degrades with this corrosion.

Here, even if it is a set made up of 2 aluminum shells, you can very clearly see the electrolysis that has been created and accumulated over the years on this set.

Feel free to click on the images to better see the details.

Once the bead blasting is done, the piece is transformed!
The photos reveal very visibly the bare aluminum material, completely cleaned, as well as the cavities generated by corrosion in this same material.

As a reminder, the conditions applicable to our remote microblasting service are described on the opposite page.